27 October 2007

Blackwater in CA - invited or disaster crashers?

Blackwater delivers supplies to wildfire victims in California

Found this tidbit in an article out of VA. No traction out west about Blackwater involvement in the CA Wildfires in CA media.

Excerpts below from article

The California wildfires have come within a quarter-mile of the property where Blackwater wants to build a West Coast training facility, but the company's on-site manager isn't worried. He says the fires won't deter Blackwater from moving ahead with its controversial plans

On the contrary, he said, the proposed facility would benefit the community if it is threatened by fire again. He said it could be used as a "command center" with bunkhouses for evacuees and water tanks with a 35,000-gallon capacity.

Bonfiglio said Blackwater has made three deliveries of food, water, personal hygiene products and generator fuel to 300 area residents, many of whom have been trapped for days without supplies.


VOA2008 Comments (JMCO = Just My Cynical Opinion)

Was Blackwater authorized by either DHS CA or FEMA to do this? Or was this another example of Blackwater taking on themselves the "call to protect American citizens on American soils" under the orders of Erik Prince. As they did in New Orleans.

Refer to the following clip that includes Bill Moyers with Jerry Scahill discussing how 180 Blackwater boots armed arrived FIRST in New Orleans before Fema. And, BTW, without authorization from any government agency - only from Erik Prince.


Who is Brian Bonfiglio - the Project Manager for Blackwater West

Brian Bonfiglio joined Blackwater USA in September 2003 as Program Manager for Ambassador L. Paul Bremer's personal security detail in Baghdad, Iraq. This came after a successful five-year operational deployment to Bosnia Herzegovina in which he served the diplomatic community.

Following the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement that ended the Bosnian war, Mr. Bonfiglio deployed to Bosnia and Herzegovina and was tasked with setting up three Ambassadorial Details, which are still deployed to the region, including the capital city of Sarajevo. He spent over five years operational in the Balkans and was directly responsible for every aspect of security as the Detail Leader (AIC) to the US Ambassador tasked with implementing the Dayton Peace Agreement. Mr. Bonfiglio has served four US Ambassadors in an exemplary and noted manner, and still advises current Team Leaders on operational and security related matters for Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia.

In September of 2002 Mr. Bonfiglio was the lead protective services instructor for security team members traveling to Afghanistan tasked with protecting Afghan President, Hamid Karzai. Before doing so Brian received his credentialing through a Dept of State, Diplomatic Security Services, High-Risk Protection Operations Course.

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