29 October 2007

What does it take for LA media to notice a protest of thousands of people?

As you see, on Sunday LATimes crapped out and picked up an AP story about the SF protest. I guess the home team does not count.

I did an email with my vid clips on Saturday stating "what the home team does not rate" to CBS 2 (SF coverage), all the other LA Broadcast new stations and LA Times.

Tasks to post complaints to LATimes on wimping out, they did NOT support the home team of a couple thousands protesters in their own hood. Why did they not dedicate resources to cover this little event??? They reprinted an AP story!

Step One - Leave cyper space rant
Leave message on the "readers line".
Carlos from LATimes assured me that they listen to these calls. Right!

Step Two - Keystrokes to suit in charge
Ultimate suit responsible is David Lauter (Deputy State Editor)
I do NOT have a direct phone line for him - but you could try 213.237.7001

Step Three - Letter to the Editor

JMCO (Just my cynical opinion)

Maybe we all had to go without our skivvies (like Brittany Spears) to get noticed in LA. My parting comment to the LA media in my email on Saturday night.

LA Times article on Sundary 28th (AP reprint)


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