24 October 2007

Face of DHS CA = Face of Blackwater

Face of DHS CA = Face of Blackwater
Who is Chris Bertelli - the man protecting me in CA?

Governor Schwarzenegger hired Mr. Bertelli in November of 2005 to work in emergency preparedness in the Department of Homeland Security in California. Bertelli was Blackwater's leading lobbyist, working for the Alexander Strategy Group, the powerful K Street Republican firm staffed and founded by former senior staffers of Tom DeLay. Bertelli was one of the people steering Erik Prince and other Blackwater executives around Capitol Hill after the Fallujah ambush in 2004. Bertelli also was one of the lobbyists for Blackwater who took the lead on trying to block the Pentagon or the Congress from applying the Military Code of Justice, the court-martial system, to Blackwater and other contractors operating in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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February 15, 2007 Mr. Bertelli Quote on San Diego & Terrorism Threat

"If you start with San Diego, a few miles away is the busiest border crossing in the world," Bertelli said. "In a year, you get between 50 and 55 million people crossing. It is home to the Navy's 3rd Fleet and the marines at Camp Pendleton. It has all the hallmarks of a major metropolitan area that we felt would put them at a great risk of terrorist incident."

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