31 July 2007

16,000 Single American Mothers in Iraq

Streaming a Bobby Muller (VeteransforAmerica.org) interview done by Robert Kennedy Jr. (what gives with his voice?).

There are 16,000 single mothers in the American forces in Iraq. Think about that - this means there are a minimum 16,000 children in America right now that are either may in the future be without a parent/Mom or soon to be a child of a mother suffering with PTSD.

Impeachment by 9/11/07.
It's the Constitution - Impeachment is the Cure!
The reading of the Constitution on Oprah NOW.

30 July 2007

CA Electronic Voting Report

Secretary Bowen commissioned a study to University of CA to review electronic voting machines (Diebold, Hart InterCivic, and Sequoia) in the State of CA for compliance. This process started in May, 2007. By this Friday (August 3rd) Secretary Bowen is to whether these machines may be used in the February 08 CA primaries.

The red teams demonstrated that the security mechanisms provided for all systems analyzed were inadequate to ensure accuracy and integrity of the election results and of the systems that provide those results.

Despite the limited time, the teams found ways to breach the physical security of all three systems using only “ordinary objects” (presumably paper clips, coins, pencil erasers, and the like); they found ways to modify or overwrite the basic control software in all three voting machines; and they were able to pen
Been trying to stream the live Red Team presentation in Sacramento - but the stream is choppy @ best.

Ms. Bowen's contact information - Legislative & Constituent Affairs: (916) 653-6774.

I vote for the return of the stone ages - paper ballets. Having earned a living in the arena of IT implementations that afforded me to live around the world - I don't belief any changes may be implemented, tested, modified & re-QA'ed for a rollout by Feb 08.
Secretary of State Debra Bowen’s office is accepting public comments by email until Wednesday, August 1 at VotingSystems@sos.ca.gov .

As always, the source for any of this is BradBlog (http://www.bradblog.com/?p=4897).

Surprise (Diebold, Hart InterCivic, and Sequoia) one of the principle concern in the report was the "vulnerability of Microsoft OS for hacking - viruses - whatever".

Remember in a previous post about HR 811 (the bill in Congress for election voting integrity One of the major companies was Microsoft that specifically wrote into that bill specifics on who could look at the source and NDA's (non disclosure agreements).

Control the Primaries - control the candidates on the ballet & control the Selection in 08!
Impeachment by 9/11/07!
It's the Constitution - Impeachment is the Cure!
The reading of the Constitution on Oprah NOW.

29 July 2007

Rangel against impeachment

Um. This is the same Congressman from NY that introduced HRes 393 (re-instate Draft in November 06) and is "friends of Clintons".

Source: http://thinkprogress.org/2007/07/29/rangel-speaks-against-impeachment-fears-cheney-presidency/

History on Mr. Rangel.

  • Sat on the HJC with Mr. John Conyers during the Nixon impeachment. That is the same Congress that bought 3 counts of impeachment against Nixon.
  • Openly discussed $20 billion of "pork" in the bill to fund the war with draw down by March 09. On Timmie Russert MTP:.
Rep. Charlie Rangel: Because they needed the votes. That bill, we lost so many Democrats, one, because people thought we went too far and others because we didn't go far enough. So a lot of things had to go into a bill that certainly those of us who respect great legislation did not want in there . . . And I didn’t care what was in that bill if there was anything to slow down, to say what the American people said in the last election, “get out of Iraq.”
  • One month ago, whilst Congresswoman Barbara Lee was talking about HRes 333 his contributions were on possible impeachment of King George.
Rangel said Bush and Cheney committed crimes and should be prosecuted after they left office. But he said he opposed impeachment because Bush's polls were way down but would come back up if he faced impeachment.


28 July 2007

Man Burns Down Trailer in Online Feud

Man Burns Down Trailer in Online Feud

Gosh - I had better be careful with my keystrokes...

A Navy man who got mad when someone mocked him as a "nerd" over the Internet climbed into his car and drove 1,300 miles from Virginia to Texas to teach the other guy a lesson.

As he made his way toward Texas, Fire Controlman 2nd Class Petty Officer Russell Tavares posted photos online showing the welcome signs at several states' borders, as if to prove to his Internet friends that he meant business.

When he finally arrived, Tavares burned the guy's trailer down.


Impeachment by 9/11/07
It's the Constitution - Impeachment is the Cure!
The reading of the Constitution on Oprah NOW.

So goes the Drug Money ....So goes the Election.....

So goes the Drug Money ....
So goes the Election.....

The three leading fundraisers in the Democratic field _ Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards _ have combined to amass nearly $2 million from health professionals, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.

The top three GOP fundraisers _ Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani and John McCain _ have raised a total of nearly $1.9 million from the health sector.

Impeachment by 9/11/07.

27 July 2007

Impeachment Videos

Author: nolocontendre2007
specter calls for a special prosecutor!
Thanks for great content!

Author: UnclassifiedProducer
Back-Talk #2 DOJ Scandal and Impeachment
Thanks for great content!

Impeachment by 9/11/07!
It's the Constitution - Impeachment is the Cure!
The reading of the Constitution on Oprah NOW.

26 July 2007

Property Confiscation & Candidate Questions

Executive Order on Property Confisication of persons who threathen stabilization efforts in Iraq.
How about confiscating Bin Laden's property George?

Election 08 Clusterfuck - ask of all candidates:

Condition that must exist for the following fantasy to be even a reality.
Impeachment proceedings against Bush / Cheney will have been introduced into Congress prior to 2008.Wouldn't it be nice to get any potential contenders for 08 President seat to commit that the first acts they will do 01.20.09 will be (as suggested by Brent Brudowsky).
  1. Reverse any Presidential Directives and Executive Orders established by the BushCo administration.
  2. Instruct all government offices and agencies to de-classify and release all documents from the BushCo administration.

Impeachment by 9/11/07.

Mission Accomplished

Impeachment by 9/11/07.

Terror on the Constitution

Summary of what BushCo used today before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on extraordinary rendition - chaired by Joe Biden.

As the disposal of reality is being chipped away by the BushCo administration summary of thought process being presented on why "these are unique times and all other rules do not apply" (such as THE CONSTITUTION).

Beginning of BushSpeak.
  1. The whole world is a battlefield and open ware on terror.
  2. Terrorists may be caught & detained by BushCo anywhere in the world.
  3. The US government is obligated to protect it's citizens. Therefore, the US government may decide where they want to send captured terrorists. Otherwise, all US citizens will be fair game to terrorists!
Summary of BushSpeak:

The entire world is a battlefield. We as US citizens are living in a battlefield. Therefore, we are no longer subject to the rules of the Constitution but SUBJECT TO THE LAWS OF WAR!

The Constitution and FISA are outdated because of this "global war on terror".

End of BushSpeak.

This gives the administration unparalleled powers that the founders could not imagine. Never in history has any dictator reached for this amount of power - not Napoleon, Roman Emperors, Hitler - per Thom Hartmann.

Bruce Fein discussed this logic on Thom Hartmann's show last week. He suggests that this is a criminal assertion by the administration. This is the solid basis for impeachment.

Biden's PR: http://biden.senate.gov/newsroom/details.cfm?id=279820&&

It's the Constitution - Impeachment is the Cure!
The reading of the Constitution on Oprah NOW.

25 July 2007

2_More_Votes_2_Save the Constitution & hold Conyers feet to the fire

Brady, Robert - PA just signed as Co-Sponsor #14 of HRES 333 - Impeachment Kucinich.


2_More_Votes_2_Save the Constitution & hold Conyers feet to the fire.

Score - 14 Co-Sponsors

6 Co-Sponsors from CA

  1. Lee, Barbara - 05.01.07 - Supported HRES 635
  2. Schakowsky, Janice - 05.01.07 - Supported HRES 635
  3. Woolsey, Lynn - 06.07.07 - Supported HRES 635
  4. Waters, Maxine - 06.12.07- Supported HRES 635
  5. Farr, Sam - 07.12.07- Supported HRES 635
  6. Filner, Bob - 07.12.07- Supported HRES 635
Remaining "Gang of Eight" by date (pun if anyone has been listening to Gonzo's testimony)
  1. Clay, Wm. Lacy - 05.01.07 - Supported HRES 635
  2. Wynn, Russell Albert - 05.10.07
  3. Clarke, Yvette - 06.06.07
  4. Johnson, Hank - 06.28.07
  5. Ellison, Keith - 06.28.07
  6. McDermott, Jim- 06.28.07 - Supported HRES 635
  7. Moran, Jim - 07.10.07
  8. Brady, Robert - 07.25.07

Suggested easy hit list - CA congress people whom supported HRES 635 but not HRES 333

  1. Capps, Lois - 23rd - not member of Progessive Caucus
  2. Honda, Michael - 15th - yes Progessive Caucus
  3. Solis, Hilda - 32nd - Vice Chair Progessive Caucus
  4. Watson, Diane - 33rd- Vice Chair Progessive Caucus

24 July 2007

Let the screaming begin!

Impeachment SCREAMED to Pelosi & Reid

At a Democratic rally yesterday in DC,
protesters yelled for IMPEACHMENT at Reid & Pelosi.


In case any one is interested, I think we should all be screaming. Just came back from a planning meeting for the opening of a chapter of the LANIC in the Valley. I am not to sure what the final name of this office will be as it took 20 minutes of discussion on what to name this office. To me, this just symbolizes the general "challenge" to Democrats. We spend too much time analyzing and whining - not enough time in the action or SCREAMING. Just my opinion.

26 July Update: I humbly change the above estimate of time spent on name discussion from 20 minutes to 5 minutes. I LIED (and I am proud of it). I was respectfully corrected my a very wise man MJ in politics. This brings back to mind the most important point right now in this battle.

It is the PRINCIPLE not the personalities that is important. And the principle at jeopardy is the CONSTITUTION. Not the Republicans, Democrats, Progressives, Greens, Neo-Cons, etc.

My thoughts on the flip flopping of John Conyers

It was discussed at this meeting if we should start impeachment actions against Pelosi and Conyers - as it is in the Constitution (rofl). Myself, I think, we should get other candidates out there to challenge all of the 23 Democratic members on the House Judiciary Committee. All these members are up for re-election in 2008.

More importantly, find out the calendars of both Pelosi and Conyers while they are on recess & get a megaphone & yell "you have not upheld your Oath to protect the CONSTITUTION".


Oprah's Book Club - The Constitution - still have not heard from Ms. Winfey on this suggestion.

Plea to Oprah, NPR, Randi Rhodes, Hartmann to "spread word on Impeachment activity"

Sent to: Randi Rhodes show, NPR, Thom Hartmann, Oprah & Washington Journal

As a long time active participant in all three programs (CSPAN Washington Journal, Randi Rhodes & Thom Hartmann) I am humbly submitting the urgent need to cover the topic of local Impeachment Centers that are across the country. These centers are grass root activism in motion - "tag you are it" (courtesy Thom) not "pin the tail on the donkey".

The Los Angeles National Impeachment Center (www.BCimpeach.com) has been operational for only three Saturdays and the response has far exceeded any preconceived expectations. The objective of the LANIC is about ACTION right now - getting the volunteers writing and calling Congress. The LANIC each week hands out marching orders of whom to solicit based on the latest developments with envelopes, paper and Congressional contact information. I write and/or contact Congress daily (sometimes hourly), but there am something empowering about being in a room with 40 other people putting pen to paper to save the Constitution.

This week It is critical that people across America hear that there are grass roots organizations that are taking action to get Congress to listen to the people and start Impeachment. These are ordinary Americans whom have put aside their partisan views to work as one voice to Congress to fight for this country and the Constitution.

On Saturday in the Los Angeles Impeachment Center, a lady came into the center (LANIC) right when we were closing. Her mantra was "this is great - why haven't you guys done this sooner” (repeating this comment multiple times) and how she could not stay due to a dinner appointment. I detected this tone of concern that we had not acted sooner and I finally replied in a sweet tone "well M'am we got tired of waiting for you to take action".
Best regards,

Sharona L. Smith
Be HEARD. Not Herd.
The Power of We.


PS: You know you are in dire straits when you ask Oprah for help!

Oprah's Book Club should include the CONSTITUTION

Conyers & Impeachment Showdown - July 23, 2007
What was Conyers' objection to moving forward on impeachment now? Well, he said, if he were to do that Fox News would go after him and accuse him of being partisan. I kid you not. The Democratic Chairman of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee is basing his decisions on whether a Republican cable TV station would approve.

Source: David Swanson http://www.afterdowningstreet.org/?q=node/25021#comment
Contrast John Conyers’ FEARS (the current Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, to Mike Mansfield’s COURAGE (the Democratic Senate majority leader in Nixon days). Mr. Mansfield had been versed in the Constitution and had the GUTS to protect our Constitution and our system of checks and balances.

Mike Mansfield of Montana, the Democratic Senate majority leader, said on television that the Senate impeachment trial of Nixon would be televised and there would be no immunity. That meant Nixon would have to face the country under oath and if he lied he would go to prison.

Source: http://www.newsday.com/news/local/newyork/ny-nybres225303032jul22,0,877382.story

I am going to ask Oprah to put the Constitution on the Oprah’s Book Club list – maybe that will get Congress to read it!

Thom Hartman's board forum post.


It's the Constitution - Impeachment is the Cure!
The reading of the Constitution on Oprah NOW.

Alone @ Simon Wiesenthal corner

I am so fucking pissed off last night while driving home from Century City mall, I stopped @ 7 pm, at the corner across from the Holocaust Museum (Simon Wisenthal corner) & stood there for 20 minutes with my 'IMPEACHMENT IS PATRIOTIC" sign. I thought this is the corner to be - across from a museum dedicated to the slaughter of 6 million people by the Nazis.

Hello - is anyone awake!

As a side note - I had dressed appropriately for the occasion - t-bags top, tahari jeans & London Sole flats - with CC messenger bag + Prada glasses. :)

Impeachment For 9/11/07.

Posted on Thom Hartman.

23 July 2007

Debates CNN Style

Did not bother to watch the whole CNN / YouTube fanfare. I basically turned off the MSM today when @ 10:50 a.m. I heard the Karl Rove talking points to answer the Feingold / Impeachment activities.

A good site to get the real low down on how this went.

Below - CommunityCounts actually tracked the YouTube debate questions based on viewing ranks. For those question that magically disappeared from CNN's input queue, CommunityCounts had some of the candidates answer these questions anyway :)

Good night & good luck.

20 July 2007

Randi Rhodes + Thom Hartmann

Randi Rhodes
I heard just bits of the Randi Rhodes show. She was asking users to call in and give their reasons why they think the Democrats are NOT exerting Constitutional control over the President.

  1. Caller thought maybe because the Dems realized the 08 election is theirs to lose. The Dems also want unbrindled Presidential powers that King George has stolen.
  2. Caller stated that there will not be an election in 08. Police state scenario will happen.
  3. Dems are two steps behind President & Rove machinery. By the time they wake up to the extent of this madness - it will be too late.
Interesting side note. I have been dream streaming Randi since her days in FL in 2000 when she was screaming during on election day "that something was wrong".

She used to give the Dems a break "they need to work the laws, procedures in Congress - yada yada". That Randi has left the building. She is all about Power to the People - and the reasons why Congress is not exercising Constitutional control is of no concern to her. She wants to blast Congress and she does. No elected official is safe this week on her program. She will call them on the carpet.

Is an eloquent genius who has an amazing arsenal of historical & constitution facts at his finger tips. He did not start talking "Impeachment" until the last couple of months. This week, every morning he has started his show talking about IMPEACHMENT & having Conservative Constitutional scholars on his show (Bruce Fein & Paul Craig Roberts).

Paul Craig Roberts 2004 article he wrote about the so called liberal MSM bias, Limbaugh, etc. Interesting read with 20/20 hindsight.


Thom was asked today "do you think that the property confiscation Executive Orders will be used against members of Congress shortly". He said "Nein, that historically (i.e. Nazis) first they go after the criminals, enemies of their cause, politically clean house, etc."

Reason Thom Hartmann still has hope in the American people vs. the German population handing over slow control to the Nazis. That America has been a Democracy for 200 years. The Germans had only experienced Democracy for a short period of time.

sls thoughts.
I was fortunate to have lived out a dream - helping to open up the Russian & Eastern European marketplaces right after the fall of the wall. I was always obsessed with WW II, Nazis, Communism, etc. I went to the former Soviet Union on 27 separate trips. (To Larry of the Midwest of the Valley - sorry you were not part of my dreams :)

One of the first realities of the damage that system had done to the population was the people's ability to think for themselves. This point was constantly manifesting itself to me as an American working with their top leaders to get their facilities up to western standards to get World Bank funds. When an individual was faced with an obvious problem they were baffled.

Example, with my translator (whom was super intelligent) she could not organize her day. If in the morning we were leaving the "foreign specialist hotel" (which was a camp with red cold water half the time) @ 7 a.m. never to return to the hotel remainder of the day. She would often forget to have her suitcase packed & ready to bring with her from the hotel.

Another trivial example. When you would present ideas to the mid-management levels for a project, they would always think about "secrecy of their tasks & information they had possession of"). I could go on & and on.

However, I have never, never met more clever people on how to make do with so little. In the Volva region in 1991 - serious IBM part shortages @ 1:00 a.m. (IBM does not have local offices in Volva region in 1990's) They called another town, got some old car hardware & revamped by 7 a.m. These guys had hacked into passwords of all major software vendor code (Microsoft, Oracle, SAP) in the late 80's to use black market stuff. Another example, my company we had 100 users of a million dollar piece of DB software in Czech - or - Slovakia in 1990. The problem was, only one had been licensed. The other 99 were boot legged & hacked!

Another Volva memory - lists in the hall way of people with dates back to mid 1970's. What was this list?? Queue of people in line to get autos!

Lunch with Bernie Sanders

Keystrokes from a Dream Stream
Lunch with Bernie Sanders
July 20, 2007

Sicko is the largest revenue from a documentary.

Bernie Sanders
Interesting - Moore is saying what we (progressive liberals) have been saying. We need to more toward a single pay universal health care system. We pay more for health care then any other western developed country.

Interesting that it took Michael Moore to force this debate - not the MSM. Bush is threatening to veto the bill to expand health care for children - even this veto will make Bush look stupid in this climate. What passed Senate Finance committee was a more conservative bill - $35 billion program expanded health care to kids to about $3 or $4 million.

Bush if you can believe it is threatening to veto that legislation. We have a long way to travel with Bush as president to do what all other countries have done - guaranteed health care for all citizens. A national health care system is always a fair more cost effective way to provide health care. (Fair & Balanced - just like Fox News - you would think he would embrace this concept??)

Bernie is working on a side issue - that we need to be conscious of in this country - because OUR SYSTEM IS DISINTEGRATING SO FAST we are fighting for what is called "federally funded health clinics" in VT and all over USA. We got a significant boost in funds to provide aid to these clinics.


Washington State - College Education Crisis in USA

Proud of both gentlemen to use airwaves to educate America on what is going on. Last night heard report twice that India & China has as a minimum two times greater number of students entering college than in America. It upsets the balance of skilled labor. We need to act now to help our college students.

Yes, what upsets many of us in Congress is if you look @ universities the enrollment in Science & Engineering departments is significantly down. This speaks to a couple of things about the quality of our educational system - but - that college is becoming so expensive that students come out enslaved to debt, it is affecting their career choices, etc.

Bernie believes that if we are serious about being the kind of Democracy we must be serious about functioning effectively in the global economy. We have got to open up the doors of college to all people in the USA. (previously Thom & BS were talking about in the 60's & 70's when universities such as UCLA were free to residents). Education should not be only feasible to the members of the wealthy only! Major issue.

GI Bill in the 40's - 60's effectively provided education to all economic classes which transformed America.

One of the great pieces of legislation ever passed in modern American history. Had a huge impact not only on individual level - but because they had education they were far more productive which increased America's edge globally.

James - NY - NAFTA concerns.

Reiterated comments of first caller. When will this great debate about NAFTA ever come to fruition?

You will see a serious debate, maybe not a GREAT debate, but it will be unlike any other debate on NAFTA pretty soon. Two things.

  1. Re-authorization for Fast Track (giving the President the right to unilaterally negotiate trade agreements) expired @ the end of June. The President did not ask Congress for a re-authorization. It may be that he knew it would not happen in this Congress. Very important. (sls - that says to moi - look out for Executive Orders - there was one signed on the 18th about guaranteeing the quality of food imports......).
  2. There are 4 trade agreements coming down the pipeline that were negotiated under Fast Track. Panama, Peru, India & S. Korea.
Bernie thinks you will see much stronger opposition to these four than you have in the past. When we try to figure out why it is that poverty in America is increasing, why the middle class is disappearing, we are losing millions of good paying jobs - certainly one of the reasons - not the only - but a main contributor is our Trade Policies.

In America today you are seeing no new manufacturing factories being built. These plants are being built in China where workers make pennies on the dollar. It is becoming a major crisis - to the degree that America is losing it's productive capabilities. This even impacts the military. Recently, working with the Secretary of the Army, we cannot get armored vehicles for our troops. (sls: I believe they have to source them out of US, RSA & Israeli companies. Having spent 20 years in manufacturing - huge % in A&D. Most of our technical innovations as a country start in A&D manufacturing. If we are outsourcing these vehicles, we are outsourcing future technological advancements as well as patents, skill sets, manufacturing facilities, supply chain contract manufacturing facilities, blah blah blah. Also, the DOD "compliance" system (which is a bitch) how do they exert control over this compliance/QA'ing of the military products when it is a NON US based company. Finally, the NON bid DOD contracts. ) http://www.crooksandliars.com/2007/07/12/report-dod-no-bid-contracts-has-put-troops-at-risk/)

Bernie believes that if we are serious about having the type of economy we need we need major transformation in our economy & radical changes in our trade policies.

Quotes a FT article that stated average import tariffs in countries are 30%. US import tariffs is at 2 %. WTO is calling for all the other countries to drop their import tariffs down to US levels.

The proof is in the pudding. We have a 700 trillion USD trade deficit.

Call - MI - Terrorism concerns.

Whom is he to believe about how strong Al Quada is - the President or the Intelligent agencies?

Terrorism is a serious issue. Tragically, there could be another attack on American soil. NIE report has concluded that Al Quada is as strong or stronger than 9/11. Bernie thinks instead of having our troops in a Civil War (sls - really it is ethnic cleansing) & spending half trillion USD there - America needs to re-focus on Al Quada and other terrorists groups as we bring our troops home from Iraq.

Scott - San Diego - Constitutional Crisis.

WaPo this a.m. stated that Gonzales has decided that Executive Privilege TRUMPS ALL. That a US attorney would NOT be able to press Contempt (Criminal) or convene a Grand Jury in a case with Executive Privilege. He believes this is the Constitutional Crisis Bernie mentioned.
(sls - should this surprise anyone??? Hello - on 07.11 - Gonzales was quoted in Ms. Mier's attorney's letter as supporting Executive Privilege & that the AG office would NOT executive criminal proceedings! So on 07.19 it is in the MSM!!!).
Yes. You have a President who has an unrealistic attitude on Presidential powers - his concept of Executive Privilege is in Bernie's mind way over the line. (sls - HELLO - the line is not even in the zoom lens view any more). You are right - President Bush is invoking a Constitutional Crisis.

What you have seen after 6 years of a rubber stamp Congress finally a House and Senate where the chair people of important committees have started to ask this administration probing question. It is wrong for the President to say this administration will not testify, provide information or cooperate.

Most of our previous President have had law degrees. Bush has a business degree - where corporations are set up more like monarchy.

Maybe - but President Bush's view on everything (Congress, Senate, War, other countries) is "I am right and I will do it my way." (sls: It is all about Bush). Congress needs to set precedence in reminding this President that we live in a Democracy.

Bonnie - CA - Nuclear option to change Senate Filibuster rules

Will allow straight up/down simple majority rules as Randi Rhodes talked to Sen. Reid (RI) about yesterday.

Issue worth discussing. Radical change on Senate way of doing business. Bernie has not examined. If it works now for Democrats (Nuclear Option) than it will work for the other side in the future.

Scott - IL - Oil companies & free ride

Oil companies used to have a maximum amount paid for oil - if they pumped off of public land. We need to up the $35 point as the price of oil has been above in last 7 years.

Yes we can up that price level. Committees are looking @ this. Senate will pass a tax package that will eliminate alot of the loop holes to oil companies and use those monies to promote solar energy.

MI - Harriott Miers - Inherent Contempt status

Bernie does not think the Sergeant of Arms is going to arrest Ms. Miers. As mentioned, we have a President is provoking a Constitutional Crisis. Bernie believes you will see very shortly a case going to the courts testing the powers of the President. (sls - fuck that - the Supremes I believe do not have the integrity to stand up for the Constitution - that is my thoughts. And, get the Congress, THE CONGRESS, TO USE THEIR CONGRESSIONAL POWERS. IT IS THE OATH THEY TOOK TO THEIR OFFICE - PERIOD.)

Ross - FL - Executive Orders

What legal standing & precedence do all this Executive Orders have,

Same issue. Constitutional Crisis. 6 years of no check and balances. Now Congress is asking questions.

John - OH - Veto Children Health Care

Why President going to veto children's health insurance. Isn't it a fact they are going to increase the poverty level 400% and to re define a child as 25 year old.

One reason Bush will veto children's health is he does not like public health care. He views this bill as increasing government rule in Health Care. He would rather have that in the public domain (sls - i.e. for profit Corporations that his daddy & friends make mula from). For a President that comes from TX that has the highest rate of un-insured children in America I think his actions are a real disgrace.

Martha - MI - Military commission Act - October

Erased habeas corpus. Sponsoring a bill to bring habeas corpus back. What chance does it have coming to the Senate.

Believes legislature similar to restore habeas corpus has left the Senate Judiciary Committee. He believes progress being made.

Paul - WA - Constitutional Crisis - Impeachment
Children Health Insurance - enough votes to override Presidential veto.

Bernie on Children Health Insurance
VT has programs to cover lower income children and many middle class families.

Bernie on Constitutional Crisis - Impeachment
Bernie believes we are having difficult enough time getting 60 votes on Senate floor - will not be able to get 66 votes for impeachment. Must continue doing the work American people wants us to do (rebuilding health car, Iraq, economy) and some of the committees are now challenging the President and if necessary taking him to court if necessary.

Bob - WA - Ports

Why has the current Congress not introduced a major labor bill to check 100% all containers coming in USA.

Republicans have been delaying - but we might get to next week - Homeland Security Bill to include improvements accepting the recommendations made by 911 report.

John - CO - Strike on Iran

Republicans have control even when they are a minority. The only way they will get out is to have a major terrorism act. Republicans are boxed in corner. What can we do to influence Congress?

I and Senator Webb have introduced legislation that Bush does not have authority to unilaterally wage war on Iran. Bernie does not think he will. But certainly bombing Iran would be a major Constitutional crisis. (sls - Hello - yes - but when the troops have landed in Iran - what the hell can the Court do we will hear "we have started major operations against Iran - we cannot leave - we are fighting the terrorists there so we will be safe here".)

Bernie states we have been working. Minimum wage bill, higher education bill, children health care - we are starting serious investigation. Americans should appreciate that even though we are not moving as fast as they want - some progress is being made in Washington.

sls thoughts on Bernie & Constitutional Crisis

Bernie has consistently been stating "no impeachment". Let us work within the rules. He (and most of the Democrats) need to realize that this band of THUGS do not work with rules - nor do they think rules apply to them.

It is time to take out the Constitution's Heavy Arsenal in dealing with this arrogant, Neo-Cons - TAKE BACK THE CONSTITUTION.


19 July 2007

Citizen Pissed Off yells @ James Baker in Senate

As I am a CSpan whore, I can tell you that in the last 6 months during many Congressional & Senate sessions - you will see people sitting with signs saying "Impeach Bush".

This was great. But what was really really really telling for me. Was that pompious Ass smirk on his face that Master James Baker had. That smirk that said "you can say what you want - it really doesn't matter".


Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America

Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America

Remember when all we in California had to worry about was falling into the Pacific Ocean? Now we all in America have to worry about Mexico, Canada & America rolling up in one.

Lou Dobbs - speaking about the secrecy of all this.


Impeachment signs on highways may cause accidents

Please Lord. Let this be true.

There is a freewayblogger.blogspot.com that documents all the Freeway Blogging going on. Apparently, LAPD is concernd that people looking @ the signs whilst driving may cause accidents.

Let that may the only tragedy that happens in LA.


Impeachment For 9/11/07.

Our Government is the real Terrorist

Our Government is the real Terrorist
on our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Americans think that the danger and the threat come from the terrorist. What the average American does not realize is that the real THREAT IS OUR GOVERNMENT - BUSHco in their systemic sabotaging of our Bill of Rights and Constitution.

There will be another terrorist attack. It will either be from some terrorist group (who Bush has been taunting the last 6 years or yes it will be an attack from our government).

A sample of the text of a speech Bush will use after the next terrorist attack.

My administration knew that there would be more attacks on our great nation. If only more of the American public and our great Democratic institution of Congress and Senate had LISTEN TO YOUR GOVERNMENT. This attack would not have happened on the US.

In order to protect our great country of America from the evils of our enemies I am invoking

Heil Homeland!

http://www.fas.org/irp/offdocs/nspd/nspd-51.htm - Presidential Directive SIGNED 05.09.07

It is time to take action - take it to the streets - IMPEACH IMPEACH AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT!

Impeachment For 9/11/07.

Spiegel Online talks the truth about Iraq

Spegel Online talks the truth. This snippet caught my eye. Gee maybe Americans should learn German to read the truth. Also might come in handy in communicating with future regimes.

..... a branch of the Dar-al-Salam Bank across the street from Lufthansa's former office has remained open. This is where three security guards were reported to have made off with $282 million in a spectacular bank robbery last week.

Baghdad was obsessed with the enormous figure for about a day. But before long an Iraqi-American Web site declared that the bank robbers' spoils were not in fact all that impressive -- especially when compared with the cost of the US military operation in Iraq, which costs US taxpayers $375 million a day, or more than $11 billion a month and around $135 billion a year.

In truth, the bank robbers made off with only $388,000, which is certainly a handsome sum, but a drop in the ocean compared to the numbers both Iraqi and American officials are currently tossing around. The game they are playing is meant to divert the public's attention from the dead, the mutilated soldiers, the war widows and the pressing questions of whether the American nightmare on the Tigris makes any sense at all and when it will finally come to an end.


Impeachment For 9/11/07.

Please let this be "Thursday Inherent Contempt day"

Based on C&L Inherent Content story comment tracking - it looks like the average American is pissed off @ Congress and supports Inherent Content.

Now the $69,000 USD question is

  1. Are these people contacting Congress to communicate this anger?

18 July 2007

Please bring back the Blow Job!

Suggested URL's to Bookmark - they may save your life!

White House Executive Orders

Our King George is writing new court PROCLAMATIONS daily it appears. Yep there is another on today.


Presidential Directives


My fingers worked by way though college!

Thank the Lord. I have transcribed the major points of the Thom Hartmann & Bruce Fein discussion this morning. (Refer to previous post on how to play the audio).

Executive order for confiscation of property (07.17.07) discussion.
(my comments in red).

Hartmann -
Short cut - or - idiot example of this EO (Executive Order).

If we have a conversation to discuss the prohibitions of this order - we are violators (in conspiracy) of this EO.

Item B in the Executive Order.

You are guilty if the President + Sec of Treasury with consultation of the Secretary Defense (Gates) & Secretary of State (kind-of-sleazy Rice) decide you have violated the prohibitions defined in this EO. Here we go, noticeably missing are the old "checks & balance" of convening with Congress and/or with the Judicial branch. How convenient! And who is our Judge & Jury.
  1. Bush
  2. Secretary of State (Kind of sleazy Rice)
  3. Secretary of Defense
  4. Secretary of Treasury.


High water mark of the monarchial Bush & Cheney regime they assert for all the world that every square inch of USA is a battle field + therefore, they can order the military of the USA to shoot rockets (whatever) to kill any one that they deem is out to get them or is Al Quadea affiliated. If their decision is erroneous - hell that is collateral damage.

What their theory on the current war of terrorism is about is making where you are sitting and I am standing a battlefield where the military can come in and shoot & destroy if they have some ground that we are affiliated with Al Quada. (my comments - is this Chernoff's "gut feeling" here??)

It is a frightening exercise of military jurisdiction beyond anything conceived of by any previous ruler of the entire world including Julius Caesar.

Double Jeopardy

Impeachment (Congress) and conviction of grounds of Impeachment (Senate) + removal from Office (CAN WE DREAM) is not a criminal punishment in the eyes of the Founding Fathers. After removal from office would still be vulnerable to criminal prosecution, (Gitmo works for me). That is the reason that President Ford pardoned President Nixon because He was vulnerable to indictment by then Special Prosecutor R. Jaworski.


But Nixon had NOT been impeached. Hartmann thought an impeachment (Congress) & trial in the Senate, and are exonerated, which he assumes apparently Bush would be right now, - i.e. if they cannot get enough votes to stop the up/down of the Iraq War bill Thommie speculates they could not get enough votes in the Senate for impeachment - which equals conviction. Even if Bush is exonerated in the Senate, as Bill Clinton was (bring back the BLOW JOB) isn't that considered a trial???


Nein, nada, nyet. Double Jeopardy is viewed as being tried twice for a CRIMINAL prosecution. (sls: and since Impeachment (Congress, Senate & Removal is not CRIMINAL per the Founding Fathers).

Therefore, he could be tried (criminal) a second time.
(sls: of course all the scum bags will be in Paraguay with no extradition.)

Some of the remedies that Congress might undertake to rein Bush in might be futile. Remember, Bush can sign a bill then ignore those parts of the Bill that he DEEMS un-Constitutional. There are some measures that may be done short of impeachment that may be helpful.

Congress may grow a pair of balls by: (sls)

  • Congress can by Stature eliminate Mil Commission
  • Congress can use the power of the purse to eliminate any spying that is contradictory to FISA.
  • Congress can use the power of the purse prevent utilization of the Executive Power to identify people as terrorists based on secret evidence.
Doesn't this imply that Congress does not understand the issue as you and are discussing it, but rather Congress is concerned that an Impeachment would be a political event? Or, they are concerned that Impeachment would be perceived as Political Event.


Yep I am up there every day in Congress and the ignorance that the typical member of Congress has about Constitutional philosophy of checks and balances is staggering - probably less than a HS student. (sls - which given how the last decade we have "dumbed down" our children's education - that is an UNBELIEVABLE statement. )

So Congress does not appreciate how their role is being reduced to wallpaper. And, other than having an occasional appearance on CSpan, they decide virtually nothing of importance because the President is asserting the prerogative of the Legislative, Judicial & Executive branches all at once. And the President knows the shallowness of Congress in that they think "if we attack the President it will be seen as partisan - the attitude of Pelosi - and we might loose our majority. President Bush wraps himself with the American flag beating the drums of terrorism as he abuses the Constitution. We, Congress, do not know how to describe the menace Bush is doing to the Constitution, therefore, we would rather be SILENT.

Hartmann tracks back to 80's when conservative went vigorously after public school education & civic education. Net - we have a Congress of Civic Education Retards.

Reference: http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/orders/

General summary comments: Can we get a Civics Professor to go to Congress & teach these sob's???

Impeachment For 9/11/07.

Executive Order: Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq

Bruce Fein on Thom Hartmann (my Dream Stream)

Executive Order: Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq

This man (President Bush) is out of control. Thom Hartmann just mentioned yet again ANOTHER executive order signed on 07.17.07.

Hello - is CONGRESS OUT THERE??? If Mr. Bruce Fein (who was one of the architects of Impeachment for Clinton) is stating on a Progressive Liberal talk show that Bush is OUT OF CONTROL! WE ARE IN DANGEROUS TERRITORY.

Rebroadcast of Thom Hartman's 07.18.07 Bruce Fein interview follows (note this still has embedded commercials.


Transcribed bulk of the segment in next blog.

19:00 17th July Update

I tell you I have been stalking the blogs since 9 a.m. this morning & there are very few blogs on this. But below is what I have found of interest.

An excellent summary post @ the
luminaria on the accumulated affect of the May 9th orders & July 17th is here.


PS - thank goodness I only rent & am penniless!

PS - another miscellaneous rambling. When you put in blogsearch "Presidential Executive orders" - CNN gives you back "Law & Order" re-runs. Ah yes the MSM are not dumping down the American public.

Impeachment For 9/11/07.

Impeachment_4_ 9/11

It does not take a rocket scientist to know that the anniversary of this 9/11 will be highly politicized and leveraged by BushCo to further the drums for Iraq.

I sent to Nancy Pelosi an email suggesting that the best way to honor the sacrificed life's lost in 9/11 and Iraq would be for CONGRESS TO START IMPEACHMENT BY 9/11/07.

And, btw Nancy - "cancel the next Congressional recess". I personally do not trust what this team of crooks will do whilst Congress is in recess. It is too scary to contemplate.

Where's Superman when you need him?

Iraq Filibuster Rally - Scenes from LA

Still photos from Wilshire & Fairfax - Mid-Wilshire district LA. Iraq Filibuster Rally - MoveOn.org event.

17 July 2007

Live from LA CONTEMPTIBLE call to Congressman Conyers!!!

Not that I was pessimistic on how this adventure was going to transpire. But I took my Video Cam out & recorded my frustrated attempts to call Congressman Conyers today.

Looking back in hindsight - should have just used my WebCam - but that would have definitely been scaring.

Here it is. My conversation & live opinions of exasperation @ the Miers debacle in Congress today.

To Contempt or Not To Contempt - ah the problems of our Congress.

Below is a Cut & Paste of an email to Pelosi about INHERENT Contempt for Miers.

Can we talk: If I can do this whilst I sit in my office in BH lusting @ Rodeo Drive & overlooking the Hollywood sign in this office with personalized mementos of the great Ronald Reagan than anyone can do this.

Pelosi's email for non district Americans: sf.nancy@mail.house.gov

Ms. Pelosi

I have been in regular (weekly) contact with your Washington & California offices as well as hand written letters whilst at the Los Angeles National Impeachment Center.

Today I am contacting you specifically to implore - NO DEMAND - that you serve Ms. Miers with INHERENT CONTEMPT of Congress. To serve Ms. Miers only with CRIMINAL contempt is to give the Bush Administration and AJ Gonzalez power that they do not have.

You are THE CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. That used to mean something! Bring back HONOR to America as a country and to our living Constitution.

Use the power we as Americans have granted you Ms. Pelosi as Chair of the American Congress.

Throw Ms. Miers in Congressional jail pronto with INHERENT CONTEMPT. If you do NOT use your powers - if you wimp out in the powers that the founders of this Democratic Republic have given you – you have VIOLATED the oath you took to uphold the Constitution.

It is that simple. Why don't the Democratic party leaders OWN the power of Congress. The Republicans understand this power.

Best regards,

Sharona L. Smith
Be HEARD. Not Herd.
The Power of We.

PS: Countdown to the 23rd of July to announce the investigation into Impeachment for President Bush & VP Dick Cheney.

NEWS ALERT - Thom Hartmann Talks about Impeachment

July 17th broadcast. 9 a.m.

For those not in the know. You can replay any of Thommie's great radio shows.

He is a Constitutional wizard.

Here's you go for rebroadcast. The 17th may not be up for a couple of days. These are people doing this for nada that have been posting up Thomm's archives for years. It is brilliant he takes calls in from all type of people.

Tag you are IT. (Thom Hartmann common mantra).



Impeachment For 9/11/07.
It's the Constitution - Impeachment is the Cure!
The reading of the Constitution on Oprah NOW.

16 July 2007

UK Guardian - Cheney pushes Bush to act on Iran

Did anyone hear this on our trusty US Media?

Samples of article in Guardian below (which is generally thought to be on the side of Right. Not a Murdoch publication.)

The Washington source said Mr Bush and Mr Cheney did not trust any potential successors in the White House, Republican or Democratic, to deal with Iran decisively. They are also reluctant for Israel to carry out any strikes because the US would get the blame in the region anyway.

Cheney pushes Bush to act on Iran


American Doctors BEWARE

SICKO goes Internet. Forgot all the Fear mongering about "socialized health care" will mean doctors might have to down grade their zip codes. Their fellow doctors in another hemisphere might be more of a threat.


Okay - I had taken a day away from the madness yesterday to try and deal with very personal problems (outgrowing my disk space on my iMac dual because of Vid Editing - where is Weight Watchers for DASD PLUS my little modem going kaput on Saturday, yada yada yada????).

Monday morning - I thought it was safe to go back to the keyboard & WHAM I sign on to BBC for some real news.

Guess what boys & girls? There are some hospitals that are outsourcing Doctor diagnosis care to India over the internet? (Bet you the monopolistic nice friendly companies such as Microsoft are the ones sponsoring this endeavor technically & the Bill Gates Foundation as a charitable deduction to Africa.)

Oh I am so so negative. Seriously, this is under the label of rolling out health care to difficult to reach places such as the African continent.

But what is to stop it from being rolled out in USA as first level of care by these same caring monopolistic profit driving corporations?.

15 July 2007

UK Sun Telegraph - WAR IN IRAQ IS LOST

Ran on Sunday a.m. news on British Sky News 07.15.07. Quotes a British Army officer "Iraq is a lost cause".


14 July 2007

CSpan Poll on Congress

Started this morning @ 4 a.m. with the NY Post article that states American feelings on Congress @ 24%. See: http://www.nypost.com/seven/07142007/news/nationalnews/pols_are_the_pits_nationalnews_charles_hurt__bureau_chief__post_wire_services.htm

General call in question first hour of Washington Journal this a.m. "How would you rate performance of Congress".

Out of the 26 only two brave souls were favorable to Congress and/or BushCo. But their ratings were still BAD.
  1. Rating of Congress: C. Ramblings: And he agrees with Gonzales "writ of Habeas Corpus is not guaranteed". Okie dokie.
  2. Rating of Congress: Poor. Ramblings: Single focus of Congress is war & discrediting War. Agree with Bush that Congress should only focus on domestic issues. Health care issues concern him. (sls: HELLO WAKE UP: - do you think Bush, the CT Yankee cares, cares about the quality of your health care? His daddy & Jim Baker with $$$ connections to Pfizer & Eli Lilly.)

My statistics. 26 people called in. Will try to categorize common themes. Not one GOOD rating for Congress - NADA.

Reasons range from:

  • $$ in politics and/or Corporations have too much influence: 7 people
  • War: 7 people
  • Constitution abuse: 2 people
  • Impeachment needs to happen: 4 people
  • Agree with Oversight Hearings: 2
  • Congress not in touch with Americans: 5 people

Have an excel spreadsheet with details if any one is interested.

13 July 2007

YouTube subscribers

YouTube subscribers



Democrats# of subscribers








Source: TechPresident.com

Impeachment For 9/11/07.



Bill Moyers is rebroadcasting on Sunday 15th July.

Superb - a MUST SEE TV (finally @ last).

Impeachment For 9/11/07.
It's the Constitution - Impeachment is the Cure!
The reading of the Constitution on Oprah NOW.