23 October 2007

Refugees on the West Coast - JMCO

Blackwater & CA (JMCO = Just my cynical opinion)
(Photo from QualComm San Diego)

As I have said to many of you mere homo sapiens (kidding) that Blackwater boots will be in San Diego or where ever the fires are. Because as we heard that Blackwater was in New Orleans before FEMA.

Right now Randi Rhodes is saying "hum - Blackwater .... San Diego .... arson started the fires in CA..... connection".

Also, some of EX-Blackwater employees are on Governor Terminator's payroll.

Question: Will the photos from "refugees" of the CA fires look any different than Katrina??? One thing is for sure, they are being called "evacuees" vs. "refugees".

Chris Bertelli, deputy director of the California Office of Homeland Security, once did consulting work for Blackwater, but Homeland Security and the Office of Emergency Services both said they had no record of a meeting with the company.

Here is a video of a protest in Potero (hello - fires are there now) held a couple of weeks ago.


The state insists Californians can freely express their opinions.
Chris Bertelli: "We don't monitor the activities of political protester. We never have. We never will."


San Diego NBC video on Blackwater


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