21 September 2007

Dumbing down of Democracy - Mission Accomplished!

Signs that Democracy is near death.

The President of the US thinks Nelson Mandela is dead and announces to the world “Mandela is dead” during a televised press conference. Jon Stewart (a real Patriot) confirmed with a phone call to Nelson Mandela that he is very much alive. If you do not believe that REAL news source, the RSA government issued a press release today also to announce, “Nelson Mandela is very much alive contrary to what the US President said!”

The US Senate (with a majority Democratic Leadership – just a remainder in case any one has forgotten) voted in a resolution condemning MoveOn for the Petraeus NYT ad. This is rich. We have witnessed the Swift Boating of a 3 time Purple Heart Vietnam Vet presidential candidate (John Kerry) and the Republican Party assassination of Max Cleland (a vet who lost three limbs during his service to this country) during his Senatorial race. What did our great Democratic Senate members vote in to protest against these editorial assassinations of character - NADA!

General Petraeus – and more specifically the Bush Administration IRAQ actions and words kill people!

The US Senate (ditto on majority) voted down the Webb Amendment to give troops equal amount of time HOME!!!

Dan Rather sues Viacom – US Media Corporation to restore his name & to take a stand “that Democracy cannot survive with the current level of FOR PROFIT CORPORATIONS in the News Rooms”.

University police tasered a student during a town hall meeting with a US Senator (the same US Senator mentioned above with 3 Purple Hearts for Vietnam service). And oh, btw, the US Senator and audience members continue the Q&A as this student was tasered and they did NOTHING to stop this police abuse Surprised? Not me.

Mission Accomplished: The dumbing down of Democracy! We are ready for the camps (and deserve them) – if THIS STUFF DOES NOT WAKE US UP!

Yep I am inferring that the United States of America (with a living Constitution that has been trimmed by BushCo) is in jeopardy of becoming a Fascist State similar to Nazi Germany. History repeats itself! We as Americans have no excuse – we have had a Constitution since 17 Sept 1787 – the Germans only had a democracy for less than 40 years! Shame on us!

Mission Accomplished: The dumbing down of Democracy! Now go tune on your 24/7 news networks to see what is happening with OJ Simpson.

It's the Constitution - Impeachment is the Cure!
Take the Constitution to the People with a little help from Oprah!

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