11 September 2007

Our Corporate leaders dressed up as Democrats

Lying bunch of Whores.

Our Corporate leaders dressed up as Dems HAVE DECIDED TO DELAY THE VOTE ON FILING CONTEMPT CHARGES AGAINST BOLTON & MIERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This delays the "constitutional showdown" from Congress until when??? Maybe indefinitely!

Distraction Rules - why delay until October ???

But Pelosi decided to delay a vote until at least late September, and possibly into October. Democrats said they are not yet ready for such a vote because they have not briefed lawmakers on what it would mean and how the controversy would play out, both legally and politically.
My response is our Congress has been briefed by "we the people" on how this would play out politically - they have just not been LISTENING!


And BTW, what is happening with the Senate Judiciary Committee going after Gonzales and Rove. Leahy had stated after Gonzales and Rove snubbed the Senate on Aug 20th "this would be the first order of business in the committee after recess". I ain't heard nothing yet. We are all focused on the bed time story called the Petreaus Report.

It's the Constitution - Impeachment is the Cure!
Take the Constitution to the People with a little help from Oprah!

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