24 September 2007

Where in the world is Madame CEO Pelosi?

This past weekend Nancy was in Bean Town campaigning for Niki Tsongas, the Democrat running against Ogonowski, in the race to represent the Fifth Congressional Massachusetts district. Interesting tidbit on this seat - this is the seat opened when Rep. Meehan decided not to run to become chancellor of the University of Massachusetts’s campus in Lowell.

PS - I will BET YOU MY VIRGINITY there is a quid pro quo going on with Madame CEO Pelosi campaigning for Tsongas. And that is "I will campaign for you missy - but you follow my heel clicks - no IMPEACHMENT if you are elected".

Boston Globe did an article on Madame CEO Pelosi's visit to Boston - but I enjoy the Baltimore Sun "web blog" on it - as it has great comments later on.

Nancy Pelosi - her version of reality

An alert blogger on Baltimore Sun caught Madame CEO Pelosi in a "misrepresentation of reality" on why the Democratically controlled Congress cannot stop this train wreck called Iraq. See below.

This is nothing but the typical disingenuous B.S. we get from Nancy Pelosi. She just lied with a smile.

It doesn't take 60 Senate votes to kill a funding bill. In fact, funding bills must start in the House of Representatives. If all House Democrats simply voted against any further funding when another request is made, the war would come to an end. They had two chances to do this already since they took over Congress – and they failed both times.

Yeah, sure she's hoping people don't understand the logistics of Congress all right. She's hoping that's true because, if so, it would mean that people are too ignorant to realize she just lied. Yeah, blame it on the Senate. And blame all colloidal dispersions on the dog, too.


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