24 September 2007

Opening Committee Slot: HJC – Progressive Demanded

In July I called Mr. John Conyers office to get an answer to this important question "when and how will Mr. Conyers decide which Decmocrataic Congressional Representative will replace Mr. Meehan on the HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE."

Did not get an answer on that!
Suggest that "we the people" should be trying to get a PROGRESSIVE in this slot on HJC!

Want to walk down memory lane on Meehan's dissenting view as a member of the HJC 109th Congress on the vote to impeach President Clinton???
Some quotes from his dissenting view paper on the house vote to impeach President Clinton:
The historical precedents and the writings of our Founding Fathers indicate that the impeachment of a president is justified only by presidential conduct which clearly, concretely, and convincingly demonstrates that that president lacks the capacity to govern. In other words, impeachment is a means of saving our nation from a president who is unable or unwilling to fulfill his or her core responsibilities or respect the boundaries of his or her power.

We have heard much about the rule of law during the impeachment process. Our Chairman (Jim Sensenbrenner, WI) at one point implied that our society will gravitate towards the horrors of Auschwitz should we fail to impeach this president for allegedly lying under oath.

And at the end of the process, during the committee’s debate on articles of impeachment, members of the Majority suggested that its approval of articles of impeachment had little to do with the president’s prospects for remaining in office. Rather, impeachment was merely the “ultimate censure,” or a “scarlet letter.”

Another committee post - Chair of a subcommittee will be open as the result of Rep. Marty Meehan's departure. Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations - Chair. This is a subcommittee of House Committee on Armed Services (Ike Skelton, MO Chairman).

It's the Constitution - Impeachment is the Cure!
Take the Constitution to the People with a little help from Oprah!

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