02 August 2007

Election 2008 and online communities

Candidates and Social Networks: Generation Gaps and "Unearned" Status

Synopsis - key points below
A critique: the authors consistently refer to "internet strategies" and "online presence," but they're really only looking at a small piece of the broad world of online politics. A better measure of "online presence" would take into account blog mentions, online fundraising, email list size, membership in candidates' own campaign-specific social networks and the number of active volunteers recruited through the web. Also, don't forget online-enabled offline activity such as downloaded neighborhood walklists and virtual phone banks.

I think one thing you have to look at is third parties. Converting all that "online support" into voting might not only be difficult in just getting people to show up, it might also be difficult in that even if they show up they might not be able to vote in a primary in some states. (They might not even be registered at all).

Impeachment in Congress by 9/11/07!
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