10 August 2007

Nancy: real women wear a pair below the belt too.

This is rich. August 5th, Pelosi puts on her Blog.

Amend FISA As Soon as Possible

Nancy: real women wear a pair below the belt too.

Harpers and WaPo articles on FISA and the wimps.

The Republicans have never met a national security issue they're not willing to politicize. This is no way to run a superpower.

That Saturday night, the House sent the president a bill that, as a disgusted Rep. David Wu (D-Ore.) put it, with just a touch of exaggeration, ‘makes Alberto Gonzales the sheriff, the judge and the jury’.
They got the President the bill he wanted and, as a result, they created absolute fury in the Democratic base. Pelosi has received more than 200,000 e-mails of protest, according to an aide, for letting the bill go forward.


Impeachment in Congress by 9/11/07!
It's the Constitution - Impeachment is the Cure!
The reading of the Constitution on Oprah NOW.

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