24 August 2007

Take the Constitution to the People with a little help from Oprah

24 July 2007

Bruce Fein
Bill Moyers
John Nichols

RE: The Swift Boating of the Constitution
Take the Constitution to the People with a little help from Oprah


Good day!

My name is Sharona and I have been working with the 100% volunteer effort for impeachment in Los Angeles. Firstly, let me extend to all of you, on behalf of the impeachment activists, our sincere thanks for your efforts to elevate the awareness of the American public on the necessity to impeach to save our country.

I believe the best way to jumpstart the education of Congress, Senate and Americans-at-large on the Constitution is to get Oprah engaged in this process. Idealistically, to get the Constitution as an Oprah Book of the Month Club selection – and I am serious about this recommendation. Further Oprah programming could be a show with a diverse panel of Constitutional Lawyers (Mr. Fein, Mr. Nichols, Mr. Turley) allowing Q&A from the audience and a special rebroadcast of the Bill Moyers Tough Talk on Impeachment on Oprah.

Having an audience of American women reading the Constitution with Oprah on national TV would definitely encourage members of Congress to read their Employee Handbook. I recognize that getting the topic of impeachment on Main Stream Media daytime TV would be no small task.

For obvious reasons, the names of the Oprah Show's producers are not public anymore; therefore, I am taking the bold step of sharing this unorthodox programming idea with you gentlemen to advance my efforts. I have been submitting to the Oprah show via their website this proposal daily since mid-July with no traction, therefore, I am throwing the gauntlet over to you. Thank you for again for all your good work.

Best Regards,


Jonathan Turley (GWU Law)
David Brancaccio (PBS Thirteen)
Diane Domondon (PBS Thirteen)
Los Angeles PBS Affiliates

It's the Constitution - Impeachment is the Cure!
The reading of the Constitution on Oprah NOW.

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