28 August 2007

Liebermann might replace Gonzo!

Majorie Cohn on Thom Hartmann
This a.m. on Thommie Hartmann reported that she hears that Lieberman is rumored to be the nominee to replace Gonzo.

Balance of Power in Senate would go Red
In CT who would replace Lieberman as a Senator. The governor of CT (Whom is a Republican - Jodi Rell - she got there after Rowland who faced IMPEACHMENT). As a side note - I am a CT Yank!

When I used to believe in the system of checks and balances - I did not think that the Senate Democrats would not approve such a nominee. But now I do not believe the Dems have the guts.

Balance in Senate would go to REPUBLICANS! Hello Karl Rove anywhere?

Also, the 41 Co-Sponsors of HRES 589 (impeach Gonzo) should be hammered NOW to sign on to HRES 333. Just my thoughts.


Conyers in Newark @ rally on Sat
rally ( Peoples March for Peace, Equality, Jobs and Justice) talking about his single universal health care HRes 676 . But it pans @ the beginning with the IMPEACH signs in front of him (heh heh). And Conyers answers a heckler (use the term liberally) when they ask him from the audience about IMPEACHMENT versus health care. IMPEACHMENT PRESENCE from the NJ impeachment movement.

American Friends Service Committee
created this powerful exhibit, which has traveled throughout the U.S., illustrating the human cost of the Iraq war. In NJ boots equating the number of American Soldiers lost in Iraq lie on the ground.
Silent and poignant - like the SM coffins every Sat night.


Minneapolis City Council Meeting Impeachment on Aug 31, 2007
Follow up to the Impeachment Town Hall held last week.


That would make the 2nd largest city (according to me) after the City and County of SF Board of Supervisors resolution.

Census 03 estimate of Minneapolis City population: 373,188 bodies
Census 03 estimate of Minnesota population: 5,059,375

It's the Constitution - Impeachment is the Cure!
Take the Constitution to the People with a little help from Oprah!

WARNING: Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the National Security Agency may have read this email without warning, warrant, or notice. Your government may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight. You have no recourse nor protection but to CALL FOR THE IMPEACHMENT of the current President and Vice President to re-establish your Bill of Right, the powers of the Constitution and hold our leaders ACCOUNTABLE!

Impeachment isn't the crisis, it is the cure to the crisis. Our government needs its medicine to get it well again.

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Muffi V. Ehrlich said...

I am not a techie. I "stumbled" HAPPILY on this site..what can I do ? Where is there a meeting in Southern CA ?? I am 74 yrs. I cannot believe that we have ALLOWED this DUMB and his sidekick DUMBER go on this long. I WANT to HELP MVE