02 August 2007


I emailed Mr. Obama & Mr. Edwards to request
  1. Support Impeachment
  2. My candidate must support the restitution of the Constitution and check and balance system of this Democratic Republic plus commit to rescind all the over reaching Presidential powers grabbed by the Bush administration. (cut & paste from the letter).
Below is my personalize letter from Barack. As we know - he does not support impeachment - but he did not comment on giving back the over reaching Presidential powers...uhm...interesting.

Mr. Edwards has a hair dressing appointment today - should be available in 48 hours.

Dear Friend,

Thank you for contacting me to share your thoughts on impeaching President George W. Bush. I appreciate and share your high level of dissatisfaction and frustration with the President, his actions and his priorities. I disagree with him on many issues, ranging from the war in Iraq to the future of Social Security to funding our children’s schools.

I support robust Congressional investigations into his administration and the highly questionable actions it has taken in areas such as domestic spying and the U.S. attorney firings. He has horribly mismanaged the rebuilding of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. The Democratic Congress has achieved important progress this year, but we are still stymied by a President who is out of sync with the American people, vetoing legislation to responsibly get us out of Iraq and to support increased stem cell research.

America needs to move forward again, and I don’t believe that continuing this era of bitter partisanship is the best course of action. As I travel the country campaigning, I hear the call for a new direction and a change in our politics, a thirst for something more. I don’t believe impeachment answers this call. I believe if we begin impeachment proceedings we will be engulfed in more of the politics that has made Washington dysfunctional. We would once again, rather than attending to the people's business, be engaged in a tit-for-tat, back-and-forth, non-stop circus.

Instead, I will continue to move forward with a positive agenda in the Senate and on the campaign trail. I hope you will stay involved and work for progress on the issues that matter most to you. Thank you again for writing.

Barack Obama

Impeachment in Congress by 9/11/07
It's the Constitution - Impeachment is the Cure!
The reading of the Constitution on Oprah NOW.

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