17 August 2007

High Noon @ LA City Council

LANIC & PDLA @ Los Angeles City Council
LANIC & PDLA took Impeachment to the table of the Los Angeles City Council this morning.

We had a great turn out this afternoon @ the Los Angeles City Council. A minimum of 42 concerned LA citizens that showed up to let the Los Angeles City Council know we are serious about the City of LA passing an Impeachment Resolutions.

This afternoon before 2:00, heard Council member Bill Rosendahl request in the LA City Council that LA City Council but Impeachment on the docket.
Numerous participants got to put a voice to the message of "LA City Council put Impeachment on the table NOW".

Footsteps to Impeachment Part 1 vlog

Footsteps to Impeachment Part 2 vlog

Impeachment in Congress by 9/11/07!
It's the Constitution - Impeachment is the Cure!
The reading of the Constitution on Oprah NOW.



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