02 November 2007

Blackwater charity bites in the end.

Press Release from Ray Lutz (Citizen's oversight) on Blackwater in Potrero. Blackwater was able to get beyond sheriff's blockade to deliver these goods. Let's talk. In New Orleans Blackwater got in there first with no DHS contract & then a week later they had a contract. Remember, Blackwater was in New Orleans before FEMA (truth be told that is no great task). I am sure they "back dated" services they did that first week in New Orleans in the eventual contract they got for New Orleans.


It may appear that these are "do-gooders" but they are going to get money some way out of the state for this. Chris Bertelli (Deputy Director of DHS in CA) is an ex-Blackwater.

Blackwater's new source of revenue stream (to support Erik Prince in the lifestyle he has grown accustomed to) will be from within the USA. The contract in Iraq is up May_09 - which will probably not be renewed.
  1. That is what should be in this bill. Is the insurance that DHS cannot hire Blackwater or equivalent in the USA in lieu of National Guard, for example.
  2. If Blackwater does not get extension on State Dept contract - what firm are they going to hire to replace Blackwater in Iraq.
Oct 15 - WSJ Blackwater Vies for Jobs Beyond Guard Duty

"We see the security market diminishing," Mr. Prince said. He added that the company's focus "is going to be more of a full spectrum," ranging from delivering humanitarian aid to responding to natural disasters to handling the behind-the-lines logistics of moving heavy equipment and supplies.

Question: which firm will State Dept get to replace Blackwater in Iraq?

JMCO (Just my cynical opinion)

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