01 November 2007

Keeping it Real in Democracy - Impeachment on Prime Time!

Kucinich mentions the IMPEACH word during the Democratic Debate on national TV!
Thank you!

This morning I listened to Washington Journal and now I am completely depressed. I start my day with Prozac and I end it with cake!

Someone called in to Washington Journal and said "What is happening today is all Karl Rove's work to keep the Democrats out of the WH in 08. No one is going to vote for a female nor a black."

JMCO (just my cynical opinion)
As is typical, the Democrats are fighting amongst themselves (looking like the "do nothing party"). Of course, it does not take much to get the Democrats to not agree amongst themselves.

Rove is fueling this Democratic party dysfunctional with "behind the scenes Rovian Viagra destruction". Bush is playing politics when he holds press conferences saying "The Congress needs to do this - blah blah blah". It is "pin the tail on the Donkey" time - the programming of American voters that the Democratic held House and Senate are incompetent and not the savior for 08.

It is a Karl Rove mega-phone hypnotizing the electorate with the MSM (Mime Stream Media) message to American voters.

Democrats cannot agree on anything.

The Democratic controlled House and Senate are screwing up America! Hence, the Democrats are being branded for all the failures of the BushCo since 2000. Just in time for Election_08.

Democrats are responsible for the budget not being approved. Remember when Clinton held up the budget approval with Newt Gingrich and Clinton got the backing of the US voters on shutting the government down.

Democrats only have a Female & a Black to offer as a president = "oh no NOT IN MY COUNTRY". (These are not my personal views - just my rubber neck roadside train wreck observations).

Democrats have not done anything to end the occupation.

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