11 November 2007

Footsteps to Martial Law

Signing Statement by Signing Statement
Bill by Bill
Footsteps to Martial Law

May 9th
Executive Order: Establishment of Temporary Organization to Facilitate United States Government Assistance for Transition in Iraq. Brief and loose interruption, gives the President the capability to define any event in the world as reason to start Martial Law.

July 17th
Executive Order: Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq

July 20th
Executive Order: Interpretation of the Geneva Conventions Common Article 3 as Applied to a Program of Detention and Interrogation Operated by the Central Intelligence Agency

August: Congress passes FISA

September - Madame_CEO_Pelosi decides NOT to have the full house vote on Criminal Contempt charges issued by the HJC for Miers & Bolton. Get out of jail card - thank you Nancy.

September - Senator Leahy who had made continued sound bites stating he would not allow the Attorney General confirmation hearings to go forward unless his committee received information from the resigned AG Gonzo. Well that promise went by the wind.

October 23rd - Congress passes HR 1955 (Introduced by Jane Harman - Approved by Congress 404 Ayes & 6 Nays). Radicalization of HomeGrown Terrorism. (I proudly count myself in this category).

October 10th - Senate passes HR 1585

Prediction - JMCO

All or majority of the Blackwater contractors under contract with the State Department will be re-deployed back to the USA. As is speculated by many, Blackwater will lose the renewal of this contract in May_08.

Bet you this bill never sees the light of debate
Next Wednesday, Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) will introduce legislation to phase out the use of tens of thousands of private security contractors deployed on battlefields where American troops are present. The Stop Outsourcing Security Act intends to effectively put Blackwater and their ilk out of business.

Question: Is there legislation anywhere that PROHIBITS the use of Private Contractors to be used by our government against American Citizens on American soil? I don't think so.


Joe77 said...

I'm Happy to see this that there somewhere justice works but let me tell my story same like the guy, why was arrested in Baghdad and after 97 days detention to be released with no charges. On January 15 2006 i was detained at check point 12 in green zone by US Army, because some of the soldiers where confused, with no reason they put hand cuffs on us and they send us to Abu Ghraib, i was there for more than 45 days, from there i was transfered to Camp Crooper , and on 17 of April they release me with no charge. Is there some justice in this world.

Voice of Americans 2008 said...

OMG, Joe77 - that is terrible. Are you an Iraqi - some of us are truly sorry for the abuses made in the name of the American government.
Donald Vance - is the American you are talking about. I did a video on that http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xDJID8QWgQ

Joe77 said...

Just to give you some more answers, I'm NOT Iraqi. I'm Albanian from Macedonia, i worked for a German company at TQ Campus with the US Marine Corp. I had a perfect relations with marines especially with the chief of security because i was manager of 63 workers.