13 November 2007

Blackwater - Too much bang for the buck

I wish I could claim to be the author of that great quote. But I am not. I just saw it on an incredible vid - linked below.

Protestors at Blackwater Worldwide had the guts on October 20th to gather at the gates of Blackwater Worldwide in Moyock, NC to protest the Massacre at Nisour Square that took place in September.

Who were these brave Americans to go to the gates of evil and SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER! Members of the JustFaith group (Catholic Church).

What happened to these people? Seven people were arrested for civil disobedience at that protest by the County Sheriff. I am sure there is a story there. Greasing of palms between the County Sheriff in NC & the Erik Prince Boys Club.

The others were held in the Currituck County Detention Center for five days before a judge released them on unsecured bonds. I could NOT get an exact count out of the article (linked below) - but I believe there were five non NC residents present. They have a Dec. 5 court date.

Vid of the re-enactment of Nisour Squar slaughter is moving:

Article Link: http://ncronline.org/NCR_Online/archives2/2007d/111607/111607k.htm

Aegis Defense Services shooting at innocent people for sport in Iraq

This is the BRITISH private firm. Go to the end of the vid and you see a car coming up behind Aegis that stops in the highway when they realize what is happening.

Department of Defense security contractors are coordinated through a single, DoD entity, the US Regional Coordination Offices which it outsourced these responsibilities through a recently renewed $475 million contract to the British firm Aegis which is run by the infamous mercenary, Tim Spicer (no relation to the Spice Girls). It also includes intelligence services and security services for the Army Corps of Engineers.


Great article just posted on the Turf wars between Pentagon & CIA on who owns the mercenaries in Iraq!


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