11 November 2007

JMCO on a Sunday Morning

Veteran's Day weekend and where is our War Time Prez?

Crawford TX pretending to be a cowboy (born and raised as white boy in CT)

Hillary in IA last night @ a huge candidate forum stated:

President Truman said 'If you cannot stand the heat - then get out of the kitchen. Well as a female I am comfortable in the kitchen".

sls response to Ms. Clinton (it is offensive - it is a Sharona-ism)

"A woman's place is NOT in the kitchen. A woman's place is in the bedroom and a man's place is in the woman".

(btw, I have stated this to the Board of Directors of Caterpillar in South Africa, to the several other Boards worldwide & to several former Communist companies (to various communist chiefs (parading as westerners) in the former Soviet Union). And I am proud of this statement :)

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