13 November 2007

Just when I thought it was safe ....

To leave my iMac.

Just got this in a Blackwater email from Judy Hess (leader PDA Metro SD Chapter).

This is in regards to the Potrero Planning Committee recall vote (see below excerpts from Ms. Hess).

Our new Registrar of Voters is Deborah Seiler - formerly a sales executive for Diebold (manufacturer of our voting machines - more on that in an article below).

Assistant Registrar is Michael Vu (in Potrero now - sls)- required to resign as the Cuyahoga County Ohio Board Of Elections Executive Director - where his employees were charged with fourth degree felonies and pled no contest to lesser charges (and sentenced to prison terms) in the recount of the presidential ballots in 2004 - on Vu’s watch.

It’s very important to understand that our San Diego County machines - (Diebold) the optical scanners which count the votes - can be hacked almost effortlessly in 60 seconds.

Background information on the Potrero Planning Committee recount vote (San Diego Union Tribune July Article)
Anger over the proposed Blackwater USA training facility in Potrero has led to the county's first recall election targeting planning group members.

Voters in the back country community will decide whether to remove five Potrero Community Planning Group members who voted last December in favor of Blackwater's plans to build a center to train law enforcement and military personnel.


Today BradBlog calls for the
San Diego County's Registrar of Voters Mikel Haas to resign due to questionable voting machine irregularities.



This is not the first time that an ex-Diebold employee has landed a job in the trenches as a Registrar of voting! So maybe Diebold should really come out of the closet and announce to the world what they really are! Diebold is an EMPLOYMENT AGENCY!

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