13 July 2007

Lunch with Bernie Sanders

Thommie & Bernie Sanders & abuse of Iraq Vets
July 13 2007
Short session as Sanders was in VT giving a eulogy for an Iraq vet.

Dr. James Holsinger confirmation hearings. Sanders stated that when he asked the good Dr. if he would stand up & go against the administration the Dr. did not answer. Sanders will not vote for the good Dr. for that reason. Good Dr. also stated that he was instructed to mention King Bush x number times in each speech.

ABC Nightline Report - Iraq Vets Personalty Disorder = Presidential Disorder.
@ 11:35 pm last night ABC did a great report on how the BushCo is fucking the Iraq vets. They are giving these soldiers the boots with "Personality Disorder" as reason - which usually is PTSD as the result of the horrors seen in Iraq. Forcing them to sign a contract @ termination then handing them a BILL with what they owe the BushCo - i.e. reimbursement of any signing bonus, etc.

The Nation reported this & Dave Matthews brought this to national attention to get one soldier's Vet Benefits re instated. For whatever any Vet Benefits are worth today.


Thommies Straw Poll results - Top 3 presidential winners call in today

Democratic Dream Team
Edwards / Kucinich - Both won 16 votes
Gore: 7 Votes
Barak: 6

Republic Dream Team (don't expect many Republic listeners on Thom's show)
Paul: 1
Thompson: -1

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