24 July 2007

Plea to Oprah, NPR, Randi Rhodes, Hartmann to "spread word on Impeachment activity"

Sent to: Randi Rhodes show, NPR, Thom Hartmann, Oprah & Washington Journal

As a long time active participant in all three programs (CSPAN Washington Journal, Randi Rhodes & Thom Hartmann) I am humbly submitting the urgent need to cover the topic of local Impeachment Centers that are across the country. These centers are grass root activism in motion - "tag you are it" (courtesy Thom) not "pin the tail on the donkey".

The Los Angeles National Impeachment Center (www.BCimpeach.com) has been operational for only three Saturdays and the response has far exceeded any preconceived expectations. The objective of the LANIC is about ACTION right now - getting the volunteers writing and calling Congress. The LANIC each week hands out marching orders of whom to solicit based on the latest developments with envelopes, paper and Congressional contact information. I write and/or contact Congress daily (sometimes hourly), but there am something empowering about being in a room with 40 other people putting pen to paper to save the Constitution.

This week It is critical that people across America hear that there are grass roots organizations that are taking action to get Congress to listen to the people and start Impeachment. These are ordinary Americans whom have put aside their partisan views to work as one voice to Congress to fight for this country and the Constitution.

On Saturday in the Los Angeles Impeachment Center, a lady came into the center (LANIC) right when we were closing. Her mantra was "this is great - why haven't you guys done this sooner” (repeating this comment multiple times) and how she could not stay due to a dinner appointment. I detected this tone of concern that we had not acted sooner and I finally replied in a sweet tone "well M'am we got tired of waiting for you to take action".
Best regards,

Sharona L. Smith
Be HEARD. Not Herd.
The Power of We.


PS: You know you are in dire straits when you ask Oprah for help!

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