19 July 2007

Our Government is the real Terrorist

Our Government is the real Terrorist
on our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Americans think that the danger and the threat come from the terrorist. What the average American does not realize is that the real THREAT IS OUR GOVERNMENT - BUSHco in their systemic sabotaging of our Bill of Rights and Constitution.

There will be another terrorist attack. It will either be from some terrorist group (who Bush has been taunting the last 6 years or yes it will be an attack from our government).

A sample of the text of a speech Bush will use after the next terrorist attack.

My administration knew that there would be more attacks on our great nation. If only more of the American public and our great Democratic institution of Congress and Senate had LISTEN TO YOUR GOVERNMENT. This attack would not have happened on the US.

In order to protect our great country of America from the evils of our enemies I am invoking

Heil Homeland!

http://www.fas.org/irp/offdocs/nspd/nspd-51.htm - Presidential Directive SIGNED 05.09.07

It is time to take action - take it to the streets - IMPEACH IMPEACH AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT!

Impeachment For 9/11/07.

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