05 July 2007

iPhone for idiots & misc.

Walt Mossberg (whenever I think of his name that Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss tune is playing in my background speakers.) Anyway, he did a good article on accessorizing the iPhone. And in his technology Q&A today it was "iPhones for idiots".


David Pogue - NYT did a great iPhone video last week. Uploaded to YouTube. The whole move to making the print/video/cable/phone news under one tent.


But yesterday MICHELLE SLATALLA (NYT) BETRAYED us - she did an article where she is thinking about returning her iPone. Does she not know that the TERRORISTS WILL COME HERE if she does return her
iPHONE. But it was filed under the FASHION section of NYTIMES. What kind of fasionista is SHE?


Today David Pogue reviewed the WIFI - Tmobile type of new cellphone plans.


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