07 July 2007

CA Hit list - House Judiciary Committee

The first nut to crack to get Impeachment on the Congressional calendar is to increase the heat on the House Judiciary committee (HJC) membership.

There are 23 members of the HJC that are democratics. Below is the hit list of those Congress members from CA. These are the people that we should be calling and say "support H Res 333 to Impeach both Cheney & Bush."

Analog is best. It is time to take out pen & paper & flood, flood, flood these animals with paper. Trees are useless in a
fascist state. Reminiscent of the "Mr. Smith goes to Washington" movie - when Democratics were Men & Republicans were scared. You can do one letter addressed to them all & then just "xerox" to the others - whatever. Refer to the links below to get to their page for physical address to write. Each congressional office is over multiple locations.

HJC web page: http://judiciary.house.gov/CommitteeMembership.aspx
Locating your congress person by state: http://www.visi.com/juan/congress/cgi-bin/newseek.cgi?site=ctc&state=ca

List of CA Democrats on HJC.
CA has 6 of 23 Democratic seats on this committee.
We are the gate keepers.
  1. Howard Berman - CA District 28th - (202) 225-4695
  2. Zoe Lofgren - CA District 16th - (202) 225-3072
  3. Maxine Waters - CA District 35th - (202) 225-2201 **Ms. Waters is the Queen of H Res 333 - maybe just thanks ***
  4. Linda T. Sánchez - CA District 39th - (202) 225-6676
  5. Brad Sherman - CA District 27th - (202) 225-5911
  6. Adam B. Schiff - CA District 29th - (202) 225-4176

HJC CA Republicans
We can dream - can't we

Darrell E. Issa - CA Republican 49th -
Elton Gallegly - CA Republican 24th - (202) 225-5811

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