07 July 2007

The Revolution has started

Went to LANIC first meeting.

LANIC = LA National Impeachment Center. They are trying to "brand" the NIC slogan.

Great things to know.

  1. List of where (state, city level or where ever) that Resolutions to Impeach have been approved may be found here: http://impeachpac.org/resolutions-list
  2. The BC (Beverly Center) Impeachment site is here: http://www.bcimpeach.com/.
  3. HR 333 (bill introduced in House on April 24th to impeach the Dick) has supposedly in the last 24 hours been revised to include Bush. To track where this bill is in the house go here: http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=hr110-333.
  4. Sundays are for impeachment also. Starting tomorrow (07.08.07) every Sunday there will be an IMPEACHMENT demonstration. Specifics: WHERE: front of the Federal Building on Wilshire + TIME: 12:00 - 13:00 + WHAT: hold up a sign that just says ENOUGH! Sundays with the Feds!
  5. Articles of Impeachment - Center for Constitutional Rights: http://www.articlesofimpeachment.net/
  6. 911 Truth LA chapter will hold a meeting 07.08.07 @ 19:00. Ed Ashner will speak. Specifics go to: http://www.911truthla.net/.
This revision to include Bush in HR 333 as I strike the keyboard I could not find anything in Blogs (most reliable as far as I am concerned), nor web nor newsfeeds to support this!

Yoo Baby!

Guess who was the only homo sapien @ the first LANIC meeting with a video cam? Moi. Video will be short coming here: http://www.youtube.com/VoiceofAmericans2008.

Impeachment For 9/11/07.

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