24 July 2007

Let the screaming begin!

Impeachment SCREAMED to Pelosi & Reid

At a Democratic rally yesterday in DC,
protesters yelled for IMPEACHMENT at Reid & Pelosi.


In case any one is interested, I think we should all be screaming. Just came back from a planning meeting for the opening of a chapter of the LANIC in the Valley. I am not to sure what the final name of this office will be as it took 20 minutes of discussion on what to name this office. To me, this just symbolizes the general "challenge" to Democrats. We spend too much time analyzing and whining - not enough time in the action or SCREAMING. Just my opinion.

26 July Update: I humbly change the above estimate of time spent on name discussion from 20 minutes to 5 minutes. I LIED (and I am proud of it). I was respectfully corrected my a very wise man MJ in politics. This brings back to mind the most important point right now in this battle.

It is the PRINCIPLE not the personalities that is important. And the principle at jeopardy is the CONSTITUTION. Not the Republicans, Democrats, Progressives, Greens, Neo-Cons, etc.

My thoughts on the flip flopping of John Conyers

It was discussed at this meeting if we should start impeachment actions against Pelosi and Conyers - as it is in the Constitution (rofl). Myself, I think, we should get other candidates out there to challenge all of the 23 Democratic members on the House Judiciary Committee. All these members are up for re-election in 2008.

More importantly, find out the calendars of both Pelosi and Conyers while they are on recess & get a megaphone & yell "you have not upheld your Oath to protect the CONSTITUTION".


Oprah's Book Club - The Constitution - still have not heard from Ms. Winfey on this suggestion.

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