20 July 2007

Randi Rhodes + Thom Hartmann

Randi Rhodes
I heard just bits of the Randi Rhodes show. She was asking users to call in and give their reasons why they think the Democrats are NOT exerting Constitutional control over the President.

  1. Caller thought maybe because the Dems realized the 08 election is theirs to lose. The Dems also want unbrindled Presidential powers that King George has stolen.
  2. Caller stated that there will not be an election in 08. Police state scenario will happen.
  3. Dems are two steps behind President & Rove machinery. By the time they wake up to the extent of this madness - it will be too late.
Interesting side note. I have been dream streaming Randi since her days in FL in 2000 when she was screaming during on election day "that something was wrong".

She used to give the Dems a break "they need to work the laws, procedures in Congress - yada yada". That Randi has left the building. She is all about Power to the People - and the reasons why Congress is not exercising Constitutional control is of no concern to her. She wants to blast Congress and she does. No elected official is safe this week on her program. She will call them on the carpet.

Is an eloquent genius who has an amazing arsenal of historical & constitution facts at his finger tips. He did not start talking "Impeachment" until the last couple of months. This week, every morning he has started his show talking about IMPEACHMENT & having Conservative Constitutional scholars on his show (Bruce Fein & Paul Craig Roberts).

Paul Craig Roberts 2004 article he wrote about the so called liberal MSM bias, Limbaugh, etc. Interesting read with 20/20 hindsight.


Thom was asked today "do you think that the property confiscation Executive Orders will be used against members of Congress shortly". He said "Nein, that historically (i.e. Nazis) first they go after the criminals, enemies of their cause, politically clean house, etc."

Reason Thom Hartmann still has hope in the American people vs. the German population handing over slow control to the Nazis. That America has been a Democracy for 200 years. The Germans had only experienced Democracy for a short period of time.

sls thoughts.
I was fortunate to have lived out a dream - helping to open up the Russian & Eastern European marketplaces right after the fall of the wall. I was always obsessed with WW II, Nazis, Communism, etc. I went to the former Soviet Union on 27 separate trips. (To Larry of the Midwest of the Valley - sorry you were not part of my dreams :)

One of the first realities of the damage that system had done to the population was the people's ability to think for themselves. This point was constantly manifesting itself to me as an American working with their top leaders to get their facilities up to western standards to get World Bank funds. When an individual was faced with an obvious problem they were baffled.

Example, with my translator (whom was super intelligent) she could not organize her day. If in the morning we were leaving the "foreign specialist hotel" (which was a camp with red cold water half the time) @ 7 a.m. never to return to the hotel remainder of the day. She would often forget to have her suitcase packed & ready to bring with her from the hotel.

Another trivial example. When you would present ideas to the mid-management levels for a project, they would always think about "secrecy of their tasks & information they had possession of"). I could go on & and on.

However, I have never, never met more clever people on how to make do with so little. In the Volva region in 1991 - serious IBM part shortages @ 1:00 a.m. (IBM does not have local offices in Volva region in 1990's) They called another town, got some old car hardware & revamped by 7 a.m. These guys had hacked into passwords of all major software vendor code (Microsoft, Oracle, SAP) in the late 80's to use black market stuff. Another example, my company we had 100 users of a million dollar piece of DB software in Czech - or - Slovakia in 1990. The problem was, only one had been licensed. The other 99 were boot legged & hacked!

Another Volva memory - lists in the hall way of people with dates back to mid 1970's. What was this list?? Queue of people in line to get autos!

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