14 July 2007

CSpan Poll on Congress

Started this morning @ 4 a.m. with the NY Post article that states American feelings on Congress @ 24%. See: http://www.nypost.com/seven/07142007/news/nationalnews/pols_are_the_pits_nationalnews_charles_hurt__bureau_chief__post_wire_services.htm

General call in question first hour of Washington Journal this a.m. "How would you rate performance of Congress".

Out of the 26 only two brave souls were favorable to Congress and/or BushCo. But their ratings were still BAD.
  1. Rating of Congress: C. Ramblings: And he agrees with Gonzales "writ of Habeas Corpus is not guaranteed". Okie dokie.
  2. Rating of Congress: Poor. Ramblings: Single focus of Congress is war & discrediting War. Agree with Bush that Congress should only focus on domestic issues. Health care issues concern him. (sls: HELLO WAKE UP: - do you think Bush, the CT Yankee cares, cares about the quality of your health care? His daddy & Jim Baker with $$$ connections to Pfizer & Eli Lilly.)

My statistics. 26 people called in. Will try to categorize common themes. Not one GOOD rating for Congress - NADA.

Reasons range from:

  • $$ in politics and/or Corporations have too much influence: 7 people
  • War: 7 people
  • Constitution abuse: 2 people
  • Impeachment needs to happen: 4 people
  • Agree with Oversight Hearings: 2
  • Congress not in touch with Americans: 5 people

Have an excel spreadsheet with details if any one is interested.

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