05 July 2007

Today & VOA_2008 - "NO LO SO"

Okay after 7 days of unbridled enthusiasm about the VOA2008 Political Reality VBlogging gig I have become disillusioned.

  1. Posted the announcement on Craigslist in the political section & got responses of "who the fuck do you think you are" - "SHARONA". "Is that all that you can come up with". Blah blah blah.
  2. The few times have ventured outside with the camera to get annoymous opinions have been met with recoil after explaining what & why.
But I scan stuff & the GoLeft.TV, TechPresident.com, the other crap that I blogged of - is just evidence to me that times are a changing.

So "NO LO SO" = Italian for "I Don't Know"

I am not too sure today what to do. I need to wash my hair & get a manicure -these are things I can see in my immediate future.

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