29 July 2007

Rangel against impeachment

Um. This is the same Congressman from NY that introduced HRes 393 (re-instate Draft in November 06) and is "friends of Clintons".

Source: http://thinkprogress.org/2007/07/29/rangel-speaks-against-impeachment-fears-cheney-presidency/

History on Mr. Rangel.

  • Sat on the HJC with Mr. John Conyers during the Nixon impeachment. That is the same Congress that bought 3 counts of impeachment against Nixon.
  • Openly discussed $20 billion of "pork" in the bill to fund the war with draw down by March 09. On Timmie Russert MTP:.
Rep. Charlie Rangel: Because they needed the votes. That bill, we lost so many Democrats, one, because people thought we went too far and others because we didn't go far enough. So a lot of things had to go into a bill that certainly those of us who respect great legislation did not want in there . . . And I didn’t care what was in that bill if there was anything to slow down, to say what the American people said in the last election, “get out of Iraq.”
  • One month ago, whilst Congresswoman Barbara Lee was talking about HRes 333 his contributions were on possible impeachment of King George.
Rangel said Bush and Cheney committed crimes and should be prosecuted after they left office. But he said he opposed impeachment because Bush's polls were way down but would come back up if he faced impeachment.


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