16 July 2007

American Doctors BEWARE

SICKO goes Internet. Forgot all the Fear mongering about "socialized health care" will mean doctors might have to down grade their zip codes. Their fellow doctors in another hemisphere might be more of a threat.


Okay - I had taken a day away from the madness yesterday to try and deal with very personal problems (outgrowing my disk space on my iMac dual because of Vid Editing - where is Weight Watchers for DASD PLUS my little modem going kaput on Saturday, yada yada yada????).

Monday morning - I thought it was safe to go back to the keyboard & WHAM I sign on to BBC for some real news.

Guess what boys & girls? There are some hospitals that are outsourcing Doctor diagnosis care to India over the internet? (Bet you the monopolistic nice friendly companies such as Microsoft are the ones sponsoring this endeavor technically & the Bill Gates Foundation as a charitable deduction to Africa.)

Oh I am so so negative. Seriously, this is under the label of rolling out health care to difficult to reach places such as the African continent.

But what is to stop it from being rolled out in USA as first level of care by these same caring monopolistic profit driving corporations?.

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