06 July 2007

Lunch with Bernie notes

Divide Immigration Bill bill into two bills.
Hold employers accountable
Legal immigration
All Fortune 500 strongly supported this bill
  • H1 visas - pressure on professionals as they get replaced.
  • Depression of wages - particularly in IT industry.
  • Next bill should protect all Americans - not Corporate interest only.
  • This policy was designed by Corp America to depress wages. (Maybe we can get Pfizer to support a Prozac program for Corporations.)
  • Develop an immigration program that does not attack American's economical viability.

Rescind the tax incentives given to the wealthy.

Congress needs to address the issue that Corporations no longer consider themselves AMERICAN corporations. Therefore, they are screwing American workers. Chyrsler will be in cahoots with manufacturing cars China. If that happens that will kill American car manufacturing industry. You can move to China - but don't expect support from American Taxpayers.

Too little discussion in the media about the economy. Low wages, no insurance, etc.

Motivate congress to stand up to Corp $.

Trade policy Fast Track - Bottom line
Corp America needs to develop jobs back in the USA

Single Payer system - start @ a state level.
  • The enormous pressure of Corporate lobbyist to base anything in Congress cannot be ignored.
  • $900 million in lobbying spent by the Druggies in Washington in the last 10 years.
  • Democracy + Health Care changing from the bottom up - state level.
Iraqi embassy translates to a web banner to the world saying "US is an imperialist government & we are here to stay".

Answer to question from IBMer - "can we write a law to RESCIND IBM's action to take away their pension".

Little side note. When IBM made announcement that they were changing pension rules Bernie organized an impromptu meeting for employees. Three hours later their were 600 employees meeting with Bernie. Example of the POWER OF WE.

sls comment: Noticeably missing - no one called nor did Bernie mention Scooter Libby?????

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