19 July 2007

Citizen Pissed Off yells @ James Baker in Senate

As I am a CSpan whore, I can tell you that in the last 6 months during many Congressional & Senate sessions - you will see people sitting with signs saying "Impeach Bush".

This was great. But what was really really really telling for me. Was that pompious Ass smirk on his face that Master James Baker had. That smirk that said "you can say what you want - it really doesn't matter".



EMALMADA said...

Hello from Almada Portugal
Have a nice day

Voice of Americans 2008 said...

Almada - Hello from LA. Thanks for stopping by. The last time I was in Portugal - I was taking a cruise back from Italy after spending a year study in Firenze. We stopped in Portugal (1975) and there were some demonstrations going on in the streets. One of my fellow studentes in Italia & on the ship was Judge Sirica's sibling. Judge Sirica was a key figure in the Nixon Impeachment. Best to you and your country men.