26 July 2007

Property Confiscation & Candidate Questions

Executive Order on Property Confisication of persons who threathen stabilization efforts in Iraq.
How about confiscating Bin Laden's property George?

Election 08 Clusterfuck - ask of all candidates:

Condition that must exist for the following fantasy to be even a reality.
Impeachment proceedings against Bush / Cheney will have been introduced into Congress prior to 2008.Wouldn't it be nice to get any potential contenders for 08 President seat to commit that the first acts they will do 01.20.09 will be (as suggested by Brent Brudowsky).
  1. Reverse any Presidential Directives and Executive Orders established by the BushCo administration.
  2. Instruct all government offices and agencies to de-classify and release all documents from the BushCo administration.

Impeachment by 9/11/07.

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