17 July 2007

To Contempt or Not To Contempt - ah the problems of our Congress.

Below is a Cut & Paste of an email to Pelosi about INHERENT Contempt for Miers.

Can we talk: If I can do this whilst I sit in my office in BH lusting @ Rodeo Drive & overlooking the Hollywood sign in this office with personalized mementos of the great Ronald Reagan than anyone can do this.

Pelosi's email for non district Americans: sf.nancy@mail.house.gov

Ms. Pelosi

I have been in regular (weekly) contact with your Washington & California offices as well as hand written letters whilst at the Los Angeles National Impeachment Center.

Today I am contacting you specifically to implore - NO DEMAND - that you serve Ms. Miers with INHERENT CONTEMPT of Congress. To serve Ms. Miers only with CRIMINAL contempt is to give the Bush Administration and AJ Gonzalez power that they do not have.

You are THE CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. That used to mean something! Bring back HONOR to America as a country and to our living Constitution.

Use the power we as Americans have granted you Ms. Pelosi as Chair of the American Congress.

Throw Ms. Miers in Congressional jail pronto with INHERENT CONTEMPT. If you do NOT use your powers - if you wimp out in the powers that the founders of this Democratic Republic have given you – you have VIOLATED the oath you took to uphold the Constitution.

It is that simple. Why don't the Democratic party leaders OWN the power of Congress. The Republicans understand this power.

Best regards,

Sharona L. Smith
Be HEARD. Not Herd.
The Power of We.

PS: Countdown to the 23rd of July to announce the investigation into Impeachment for President Bush & VP Dick Cheney.

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